the ZIN is IN!

I require everyone to wear cut resistant gloves in the vineyard. Everyone, that is, except me!

Relatively minor cut, direct pressure, two butterfly bandages, and now I have a souvenir of

Harvest 2014!

Zinfandel Harvest 9/12/2014

The decisions I make in the vineyard today will affect the wine you may drink in 2017.
Sobering thought, so I push it aside and rely on my experience with the vines and the grapes and the wine (36 consecutive years making wine from this vineyard). The grapes taste so good, crunchy sweet with a bit of acid, the seeds brown and nutty. Growing conditions have been near perfect and so, here we go;  set the alarm, go to bed, harvest tomorrow!


Grenache Harvest

Grenache;  the Zinfandel lovers' Pinot Noir...

If you've never had it, don't be scared. Leading in with cherry and strawberry, it typically heads for France with tobacco and leather, spice and earth. Those flavors somehow work incredibly well together.
Harvested 1.932 tons today.
301 vines = 1.932 tons = 310 gallons = 5 barrels = 125 cases

In the meantime, while you are waiting for the 2014 vintage to hit the streets, we still have 49 bottles left of 2011 Grenache.